Google have unveiled a new logo. It’s a subtle change that will leave Google neutrals unmoved, without upsetting Google obsessives…

Shortly after the much-publicised restructure of the entire company, Google have unveiled a brand new logo which has ditched the iconic serif look to represent the fresh new directions the company is going in.

The redesign is the logo’s biggest reboot in 16 years, having only ever had its spacing, kerning and shadow changed since it was first introduced in 1999. The new logo font is called Product Sans and has been designed to be easy to reach on everything from websites, to Chromecast to smartphones and even the Android Wear watch’s 2.5-inch screen. In cases where the whole six letter logo is too large to fit, a “G” logo has also been unveiled which features the full Google colour spectrum.

It is also, practically speaking, a design that is said to work better across all web platforms and devices — PCs, phones, tablets and wearables.

Google operates mainly in the virtual world. Its users are accustomed to regular updates or tweaks to apps and website design. Customers may be readier, as a result, to accept these cosmetic changes. If Google were an airline with a fleet of planes, a haulier operating a convoy of trucks, or a retailer with a chain of stores, rebranding would be more costly and more risky in terms of pleasing brand-loyal customers. 

In its form, timing and intent, the latest rebranding looks clever. It refreshes Google’s look at a time when some had questioned whether new parent company Alphabet’s formation would overshadow it. It is a subtle change that will leave Google neutrals unmoved, without upsetting Google obsessives who might have balked at something more radical.

As screens become increasingly part of our every day lives, an animated version has also been created that sees four dots morph into the text logo. This will be used on things like voice search, where the four dots will appear while you speak before transforming into the full design.

No doubt we’ll be seeing a lot more of this new logo on websites every day.

Video – How the Google logo has evolved.


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