South Dublin County Council Tourism Strategy

South Dublin County Council is the third largest local authority in Ireland who are responsible for local government in the county of South Dublin, Ireland. It is one of four councils in the Dublin Region.

The brief
To draft a Tourism-Marketing and Brand Strategy in combination with the ‘Destination Dublin’ Strategy.

To allow South Dublin through its “Different but Contemporary” offering, claim its share of Dublin Tourism potential.

Challenges / Actions
South County Dublin has unique physical advantages in the Tourism sector due to it’s natural landscape – mountains & waterways in particular.

So a decision was taken to focus on and prioritise outdoor activities in the Brand & Marketing Strategy such as Hiking/Hillwalking/ Mountain biking/Golfing/Great Outdoors/Conference/Food & Dining/Heritage/ Weekend Breaks.

Project Ongoing – TBA


Logo Development

This logo icon has been designed to represent both the natural landscape and the main town centres in the South County Dublin area.

  1. Firstly, we examined the map of South County Dublin. We then simply joined the dots of the larger towns in the region which gave us an outline, or a ‘footprint’ of the main cosmopolitan and economic centres of South County Dublin.



We then applied a geometric symmetry to that ‘footprint’ shape. (For example, if you look at the Tube map for London Underground, the map is not 100% geographically accurate. It is a simplified, symmetrical representation of the London tube routes and stations). The same thinking has been applied here – the outer points of the more organised shape represent the northernmost, southernmost, east and west points of the towns ‘footprint’ and the interconnectivity between those.


  1. We then apply proposed branded colours and text.


This leaves us with a symmetrical ‘mountain’ icon which dually represents the towns of South County Dublin and natural landscape.

The result is a unique and contemporary logoshape which has been developed – from the outset, with modern media applications in mind – web, mobile, social media, print.

The logo design is also versatile in monochrome and can easily be adapted for various uses e.g. as a single colour overlay or watermark.

Together with the slogan, brand colour scheme and typefaces, this logo design will combine to form the basis of a ‘brand architecture’ which set a visual identity system and a cultural tone of voice for South County Dublin Tourism plan. Some examples of how the design work will apply to media;

















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