Case Study: Vanplus+ Insurance

Vanplus is the online trading title of a long-established Dublin Insurance company.

The brief
Clients specialize in a number of niché insurance markets and wanted to develop a stand-alone website for this specific insurance service.

The site needed to impart a sense of quality and needed to emphasize the many benefits of the clients premium insurance cover in comparison to their competitors. The site also needed accommodate ‘quote questionnaire forms’ for site users to submit quote information.

Actions / Challenges

The Irish insurance industry is an extremely competitive marketplace and Vanplus+ needed a website which would differentiate them from their many competitors. So the website needed to make a visually distinct and immediate impression on a very specific target market – tradespeople.

‘Protecting the most important tool of your trade’, became the tagline so the imagery centered on this ‘tool of your trade’ motto.

Thanks to investment in a new online presence Vanplus+ advise that they now attract more new business in two weeks than they used to do in a full calender year before they had this website.

At a time when most comparatively-sized insurance brokerages are struggling to compete with larger ‘global insurance brands’ Vanplus+ have made web strategies central to their business plan and are growing their client base at a rate of 30% – 40% a year. See

“Simon applied his significant skills and unique marketing vision to our web based proposal. 
We are delighted with the quality & simplicity of the website” Fred – Owner of Vanplus Insurance.